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HT-Version up to +850ºC for R4.1L

HT-Version up to +850ºC for R4.1L

… + 1.562 °F …

Thanks to the special material, hot chips up to +850°C are prevented from sticking. The chip-repellent and completely closed design makes this series the perfect tube for use wherever chips are present.
Resistant to hot chips at temperatures of up to +850 °C (short term)
No sticking of hot chips
Short delivery times for all R4.1L versions

Standard material igumid G, chips remain attached, burn
themselves up
igumid HT – no chips remain attached
Energy chain system for the manufacture of household appliances.

Energy chain system for the manufacture of household appliances.

New triflex® RS universal module for complex robotic movements.

There is a wide variety of dishwasher models. Throughout their production, robots are used for a wide variety of tasks. To guarantee the process reliability of the robot in the long term, a well-known household appliances manufacturer has recently begun relying on a triflex® RS universal module for very complex robotic movements. It ensures that the energy supply to the robot head is always implemented in a stress-free and safe manner and that no interfering loop formations occur as a result of the directed pre-tension of the triflex® R energy chain.

“We produce around 10,000 dishwashers per day on nine assembly lines,” explains Joachim Grandy, on location at Dillingen, where the construction of special machines in the dishwashers product sector of the companies BSH Bosch and Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH takes place. “We react to market requirements extremely quickly. Currently our product range consists of over 1,000 models. We must be accordingly flexible in our approach to manufacturing and assembly processes and adapt our machines and plants to the changing requirements of customers. “

The household appliances manufacturer is using a KR100- comp. robot for a new pre-fabrication order. It ensures safe handling during the fusing of two plastic molds. To guarantee the energy supply to the robot head, the robot is equipped with the new triflex® R set universal module from the outset. “We had only very little time for the initial operation,” Joachim Grandy explains, looking back. “Only 24 hours passed between ordering, delivery and installation. And since its installation, the system has functioned without any problems at all!”

Robots for three welding stations

In the special application which takes place during pre-fabrication, the household appliances manufacturer connects two plastic molds to each other. To achieve this a handling robot with a double gripper is suitably equipped. It takes both semi-finished products with the mechanical grippers and places them in a welding jig. In return it takes two finished components and places them on the materials handling system. The rotation of the grippers at 180° and a subsequent strong buckling movement around axle 5 when placing something down requires an extremely flexible energy supply. The usual loop formation had to be avoided.

Universal modules for all robotic movements

The triflex® R set is a compact universal module which can be quickly mounted on fastening points available on the robot in a way which saves space. It consists of mounting brackets for the secure fixing of the triflex® R energy chain, a glide lead-through for narrow and parallel guide on the robotic arm and protectors for defined freedom of motion. An integrated retaining spring prevents loop formations. The energy supply to the robot head is safe and without cable stress thanks to this permanent, directed pre-tension. Thanks to the low installation height and the triflex® R chain guide parallel to the robotic arm, applications with extremely narrow installation space can be implemented.

All design advantages of the multidimensionally moving energy supply system triflex® R supplement the system. Among other things are the defined bending radius stop, the high torsionability of up to 360°, the two-chamber system for clean interior separation and the high tensile strength thanks to the proven and tested ball-socket connection, the so-called trailer principle. “A further installation advantage is that it enables the energy supply to be shortened or lengthened as desired,” clarifies engineer (FH) Markus Kogelmann, technical sales consultant of igus® GmbH in south-west Bavaria. “It can be adapted to actual requirements on site, chain link for chain link. “

Saves space: energy chain hugging the robotic arm

The household appliances manufacturer has developed a very compact complete system. A plate with an electrobox is fastened above the triflex® RS universal module, so that altogether only a little installation space is necessary. The advantage of this is not only that it is possible to remain inside the robot contour, but also that the robotic arm, against which the chain closely rests, can serve every application. As regards space conditions, it doesn’t lead to any critical situations. “In the case of corrugated hoses, however, we need for instance space to the top,” explains Joachim Grandy. “For this application we have covered everything within a height of 15cm. The universal module and electrobox are arranged on top of each other, in such an optimally space-saving way. The energy supply system is designed in such a way that it accomplishes maximum tensile strength, which occurs through acceleration, speed and fill weights, without any problem. “

Not only the compact design has convinced the household appliances manufacturer, but also the rapid initial operation of the solution. “While we previously needed up to 12 hours for a comparable application, we could assemble the universal module within four hours,” says Joachim Grandy. “We therefore haven’t just saved on set-up and initial operation times, but are also expecting to minimize maintenance and repair times.

Compact e-chain system® for secure cable guidance for indoor crane control panels

Compact e-chain system® for secure cable guidance for indoor crane control panels

… For controlling indoor cranes

The guidefast control system is mounted directly on the crane girder. Just like the guidefast power system for the trolley hoist power cables, the guidefast control is mounted quickly and easily on the crane girder. The guidefast control trough system ensures that even under temporary downward pulling forces, the moving arm remains securely located. The roller- guided moving arm can be shifted easily along the entire crane girder, independent of the position of the hoist.

Safe and space-saving. No tangling of cables
Integrated into the crane beam design
ATEX version possible
Transmission of energy, data and signals
Independent of the manufacturer
All control panel manufacturer connectors available

1. No tangling of cables
2. Safe and space-saving
3. Control device/manual control
1. igus® guidefast control system installation on an indoor crane

Product range

Part No. Inner height Inner width
 GFC91.30.025.2000 18 25