Even easier to print: lubrication-free iglidur® I150 material

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… without heated printing plate …

The new Tribo-Filament iglidur® I150 is very much easier to process in 3D printers. This material can therefore be processed in any 3D printer for which a nozzle temperature of approx. +250 °C can be set – with or without a heated print bed.

Very good resistance to wear with a pv value of up to 0.2 Nm/s
Good mechanical properties
Can be processed even without a heated print bed
Recommended printing surface: igus® stick film or “BuildTak”

Table of materials

Genera l features
Density 1,46 g/cm3
Colour white
moisture absorption at 23 °C and 50 %r. h. 0,3 weight-%
Mechanical Properties:
Bending strength 54 MPa
Max. permissible surface pressure 25 MPa
Thermal properties
Max. long term application temperature +65 °C
Max. short term application temperature +75 °C
Minimum application temperature -30 °C
Electrical Properties:
Specific forward resistance > 1013 Ω cm
Surface resistance > 1012 Ω

Delivery program:

Order number Outer diameter Weight
 I150-PF-0175-0025 (1) 0 25
 I150-PF-0300-0025 (1) 0 25
 I150-PF-0175-0250 205 250
 I150-PF-0175-0750 205 750
 I150-PF-0300-0750 205 750
 I150-PF-0300-0250 205 250

(1) This product is a test kit that is not supplied on a spool